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Closing for a bit!

As our friends and neighbours well know we actually started the repair and restoration of the pub back in April 2022. More on that in later posts.

Having spent a good deal of time getting to know the building and working out how to solve some of its problems, we now have listed building consent for works that will take most of 2024 to complete. We are starting with the works that can only happen when the pub is closed to customers and then we will continue with the works, including things like the roof repairs, that can happen while the pub remains open for trade.

So, starting in January 2024 we are going to:

  • Repair the structure of the cellar ceiling/dining area floor.

  • Replace the lintel over the beer drop opening.

  • Replace all the pumps, pipes and chillers that dispense the beer, cider and fizzy drinks

  • Improve the fire protection for the cellar.

  • Refurbish the toilets to bring them up to a high standard. This will include new sanitaryware, tiled floors and walls, lighting, heating and hand dryers. The ladies toilet will also be made accessible.

  • Repair the bar top (which has some water damage from years of hard use.)

  • Re-floor the kitchen and back-bar.

  • Undertake various other repairs, including replacing the external kitchen door and side window, and drainage amendments to enable later phases of work.

I will be blogging as the works go on and provide before during and after photos as I do so.



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